Mooncup Menstrual Cup

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The Mooncup is a reusable bell shaped silicone cup, that is inserted and worn internally, low in the vaginal canal. Rather than absorbing your menstrual flow like tampons or pads, the cup collects your flow.

Menstrual cups have had a resurgence in popularity recently but have actually existed for over 70 years. We understand many people feel uncomfortable about changing their hygiene routine. The use of tampons and pads is somewhat entrenched in our minds as acceptable methods of menstrual hygiene. But we believe these attitudes are changing as we start to consider how we take care of ourselves and our environment.

The Mooncup is easy to use, it doesn't alter the moisture balance in the vagina and doesn't dry out the mucous membrane, thereby helping to maintain a natural and healthy environment down there.

It is safer for you (no risk of infections), cleaner to the environment (no waste and reusable) and saves you money! 

  • 100% body safe medical grade silicone
  • 2 cups per box - smaller for initial and final bleeding and a larger cup for heavy mid phase bleeding
  • small cup size: 70 x 39 x 43mm, 19ml holding capacity
  • large cup size:70 x 45 x 51mm, 25ml holding capacity
  • reusable - will save you money that you would spend on other hygiene products
  • Can be worn all when doing activities, flying, sports, hiking etc
  • Change and clean with potable water every 10-12 hours