Yoyo Kegel Balls

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Use the YOYO kegel balls to exercise the vaginal and pelvic floor muscles. Regular use can result in greater pleasure and more intense orgasmic sensations. 

Each ball contains a free roaming weighted ball that can stimulate during wear, making these the ultimate naughty secret when you want some quiet fun outside. Working out has never been this pleasurable!

Kegel balls are designed to be inserted into the vagina and you useSexual Wellness your vaginal and pelvic floor muscles to keep the balls inserted. These are same muscles you would use to stop urinating midstream. You can test this to make sure you know which muscles your kegel exercises should focus on, but do not routinely stop and start peeing midstream as this can lead to urinary tract infections. Therefore, beginners should start with the lighter balls and move onto the heavier set after adequate progress. The wonderful bonus of the weighted balls being free moving is that they can be a source of pleasure during wear. You try wearing the balls when you are outside or at work and see how pleasurable it is to have a slow source of pleasure throughout the day. 

You may also use the balls with one of our clitoral vibrators such as Arashi BulletHelix Bullet or even Classic Bullet. Insert the balls into the vagina as explained in the user manual, and use a bullet vibrator on your clitoris and vaginal opening. You may feel delightful waves of pleasure from the vibrations on your clitoris as well as your vagina and the balls rumble about too,

The Yoyo kegel balls are entirely encased in a soft silicone outer case and the surface has ribbing for added texture and pleasure during wear.

Start with the single ball if you are new to this type of product. Use plenty of water based lubricant to aid insertion. 

  • 100% body safe medical grade silicone + ABS
  • single ball is 32g / 34mm
  • double balls are 52.5g / 30mm each
  • long cord for easy removal
  • smooth allover silicone covering for easy insertion

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